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          Corporate Culture

          With the “People-oriented” core values, Kunshan Jingtie Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a “beneficial, altruistic, harmonious” belief”. Mobilize the initiative of the staff through the income distribution reform and enrich the staff’s spiritual life, thus promoting the cohesive force in enterprise and stimulating the staff’s creativity.


          Kunshan Jingtie Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on team construction, enhances the staff’s cohesive force, and creates ultra-strong team through mechanism reform and atmosphere building.


          Create tidy and comfortable living environment, and build a living center integrating leisure and recreation. Provide activity space for the staff’s spare-time life. Through diversified cultural activities, motivate the staff’s talent and skill show, enhance the staff’s mutual communication, and make the factory into the staff’s warm home.

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          Address: Jiangsu province Kunshan City Zhang
                   Pu town Xinda Road No. 221

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