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          1, Robot-welded carframe
          The carframe is performed the seamless welding by internationally automatic programming robot, ensuring that the carframe can’t be broken and deformed upon loading.


          2, Electromagnetic brake
          Safer and more reliable
          Electromagnetic braking, preventing the downhill effectively.


          3, Overload/overheat protector
          Effective safe overload/overheat protector, ensuring the safe use of electrical system and batteries of the vehicle.


          4, Flame-retarded seat cover
          It can’t burn in fire within 30 seconds.
          The seat cover material, with good durability, heat resistance and fire resistance, can be used for a long time comfortably.


          Market support - service trends
          We signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Canadian LYTO, which develops and manufactures high-end electric wheelchairs, to research and develop high-end products, and invested in new high-tech enterprise lab which has made breakthrough and innovation in power system, energy system, intelligent system, safety system and humanized technology.

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